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Have you long wondered where to start your journey? How to maximize the results of time and effort made into all the various DPoS platforms? Tired of communities which revolve around automations with a lack of human engagements? Do you love discovering and supporting creators or building tools to overcome obstacles? Well you may have the perfect mindset to give us a hand and we…



Thank You For Your Consideration!


We are as excited as you are to begin our journey together. There is no time like the present to build for the future we wish to see. No matter what level of skill or experience you have there is a place for you on the One Love Team. We have been around since 2018 building and curating content starting with DTube on the STEEM Blockchain. Our community now grows to encompass many different platforms. Each one presents the opportunity of networking and supporting others while we grow, building the needed tools along the way. From curating to development and even social promotions we need all hands on deck.

Before You Begin You Must:

Please do all that are applicable to you, EG if you are not into using Facebook then don’t worry about it!

  1. Register An Account here on WordPress
  2. Join DTube Discord and introduceyourself
  3. Follow Us On Twitter
  4. Join The Facebook Group
  5. Like & Follow Our Facebook Page
  6. Subscribe To Our Community YouTube


Below you will find the application form to join the One Love Teams including the Curation Team, Social Team and Development Team.
Anyone willing to participate in community building is welcome to apply, not everyone who applies will be accepted.


This form is submitted to the community email account. Reviewed by our Team giving a response within 7 days. By filling out this application form you are agreeing to adhere to our community guidelines listed in the community discord server #Read-Here-First channel (click the blue discord button on the bottom right, then click menu top left, click Read-Here-First). If you have any further questions feel free to follow up in discord or by email.

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