Break Into DTube Rich List & End Week 1 Video Challenge

With all the time and effort, we each, have put into this community and its various projects. All the support given to and from the community accounts. I (@d00k13) just want to say thank you by helping the @OneLoveDTube Community account break into the…

DTube Rich List

What can I say… It has been through DTube that most of my financial and personal growth has flourished. Through the content I create and following I build but most importantly the connections I try kindle. A single comment is all it took and away the community carried me. Brutal truth when I look back, without One Love I do not think I would be the same me as I am now!

So @OneLoveDTube just pushed aside @AlphaSteem following up on @Ficcion, two of our very own one of which from the very beginning. We are proud to see so many of the early members in that Rich List. Humble beginnings right? The journey was tedious but WE MADE IT!!!

Currently We Are Charging And Reserving DTube Voting Power For Our Next Video Challenge

End Week 1 Video Challenge

Results were kind of dismal so we will wrap all the rewards offered from that post including the post rewards into next week video challenge. Reward Total a little over 5 SBD.

Next Challenge

Video Responses, we want to see our community leaders – meaning all of DTube because you all are part of the One Love DTube Family – This should be an excellent way for everyone to get engaged but to keep things open ended we don’t care to or what you make your video response too. Reply to a comment, or make a response to a news article. Respond to your favorite creators or even to yourself LOL

Let’s bring back the #DTubeSnap!!

Only Rules:

  • Keep It Clean & Friendly
  • Post Directly To D.Tube w/ File Upload or IPFS Alternatives
  • Use Tag DTubeSnap

Accepted Entries will be Curated adding the #OneLoveDTube tag!

Further Details in our Next Video

Avalon Block Explorer

Found at you can see @TechCoderX’s Announcement Post Here

With this tool you can check and see we have 2 Leaders in the Top 10 DTube Consensus and also view the Rich List mentioned above.

Much Love,

We would love to hear from you 🥰

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