Dear OneLoveIPFS Subscribers A Friendly Reminder To Use Our Uploader

  Dear OneLoveIPFS Subscribers     A friendly reminder ? please use our uploader interface on DO NOT upload on the official upload interface as your videos will not be playable due to the non functioning default gateway as it does not currently have the gateway overwrite to make the embed player load the video from […]

? WANTED ? IPFS Cloud Beta Testers

  Beta Sign Up Application Form     Currently in the works a project beta application request was brought forwards by @Vaultec aiming to build us into the next leg of IPFS File Hosting solutions ❤️ From The Application: The objective of this project is to provide long term, reliable, and secure IPFS distributed storage. We have […]

OneLoveIPFS pricing update

  OneLoveIPFS is adjusting its pricing structure of our IPFS hosting services so that we remain competitive in the world of decentralized hosting, at the same time ensuring that our customers get the best value out of our decentralized hosting offerings as much as possible. This pricing structure adjustment will not affect how much our […]

Your Answer Too YouTube Censorship, DTube!!!

Host your own files for that matter, stop into our discord we can help get you started! #ipfs #onelovedtube #dtube #youtube #share2steem @DTube_Official @dtubenetwork @SteemNetwork @NathanMars7 VIDEO – Click on the Thumbnail to see        External Link : Join the One Love DTube Discord Server! Check out the One Love DTube community on […]

YouTube Censored? We Have Hope!

Check Out #DTube on the #Steem blockchain and avoid censorship like that of #YouTube We Will Get There Together #OneLoveDTube @DTube_Official @dtubenetwork @OneLoveDTube @steemdapps @SteemNetwork #Share2Steem VIDEO – Click on the Thumbnail to see              Join Us #OneLoveDtube Discord ServerJoin The #OneLoveDTube Curation Trail, Support Us With Your Vote!#OneLoveDTube Community Main Page#OneLoveIPFS Subscription Page#OneLoveDTube UploaderFree Use #Press-Kit      Posted […]

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