Everyone Wins By Understanding The DTube Concept


Being Decentralized

Means having no central points of control. A Blockchain is a data base storing information on a new “layer” of sorts that enables many things never possible before with the Internet. Data is not stored in one central location but across several servers with secure and immutable storage. This means the origin of the information will continue to exist.

The reason I am talking to you today about this is to give you a general understanding of the community structure. Those that are new to the Steem Blockchain may not have a general understanding and may hear others speak of these things without seeing the complete picture.

DTube grows more and more decentralized over time. Independent websites hosted by different people give access to users, such as D.tube and DTube.network. DTube continues to grow as time moves forward

Having no outside powers control or impose their will, enables things like community driven curation. This helps DTube creators in the long run. It’s all about people working together to create technology that we can all take part of and even own and enjoy, coexisting without the fear of being muted or filtered in some way.

Although one may feel frustration at times during some development stages, one thing is for certain: We keep our freedom through building in further decentralization and continuing our user growth.

Whatever we create, there will levels of response according to the individual viewers taste. That is how we are all unique and that’s okay.

@onelovedtube is here to help you and if our community doesn’t have the answer, we are going to seek out another that does.

We created @onelove-resources to help new users along.

Resources will be accessible inside the Steem blockchain and other social medias. Reach out to @onelove-resources anytime you need a sense of direction or with questions about Steem’s Blockchain.


Helpful Resources On Discord

Join OneLoveDTube’s Discord Server
Join OneLoveIPFS’s Matrix chatroom
OneLoveIPFS Paid Video Services
Join Steemsavvy Discord Server
OneLoveDTube Community Main Page
OneLoveIPFS Matrix chatroom
OneLoveDTube Uploader
OneLoveIPFS Wiki (still in progress)
Free Use #Press-Kit

Closing Thoughts

Want to host your own videos to help enable a better future using the Internet? @onelovedtube worked out some educational material for people to learn how to begin. Here’s a link containing useful material to get you started. Another good place to find information and others who already host their own videos is our discord/matrix. https://steemit.com/dtube/@necroth/how-to-install-ipfs-and-forward-ports-in-vm

Regardless of which option you choose, (self-hosted or using paid IPFS services) @onelovedtube‘s community can help you through.

I want to put an emphasis on helping new Steem users understand how to use the tools within the Steem community better. We will continue to add to the information/documentation/educational aspects, helping add to the base for decentralization.

We would love to hear from you 🥰

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