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      Dan Happens

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      • no link or verification on dTube nor yt…!/v/dabiggest01/3vy523jb3j2!/v/kaushikankush07/m4sg723jyw7!/v/qdefidtube01/7nhjnitr0s9

      • Kind of Verified
      • With link to dtube on the YT video/profil

      none in this round…

      • Suspected and under observation for
      • Plagiarism: Presenting someone else’s ideas as their own.!/c/healthyhabit04!/c/tiktokgalore2021!/v/dudey4646/fm3koj5cfyk

      • missing NSFW tag

      text left on some posts:
      Hello, thanks for linking your content on DTube. This is awesome and much appreciated.

      Please, can you help us revolutionize the internet and put a link to your into your other channels profile and/or the description of your videos. This way you verify your content as yours and at the same time more decentralized users will find and appreciate your content on their favourite platform.

      And btw, you may could be interested in our onelove-ipfs-uploader?! For more infos just ping me. It would be a pleasure to work on the future together.

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      That rollsman does not give up huh?

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