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      Comment on Pawri Hori Hai | Yashraj Mukhate | Dialogue With Beats

      Hello, your content is being monetized on DTube, do you know?


      If you know and this is your proper work, it can help us to revolutionize the world, when you put a link to your #DTube profile in your channels about section and in the description of your posts on the video. This way you verify your content as yours and at the same time more decentralized users will find and appreciate your content.

      What do you think?!

      comment on https://d.tube/#!/v/keepskating420/di0pcbhsl80 verified on Satélite Skatepark

      Hello, thanks for linking your content on DTube. This is awesome and much appreciated. If you want to revolutionize the world even more, you may consider to use the onelove-ipfs-uploader or a direct upload on DTube. That way we can support your videos and work even more…

      What do you think?!

      Hola, gracias por enlazar su contenido en DTube. Esto es impresionante y muy apreciado. Si quieres revolucionar el mundo aún más, puedes considerar utilizar el onelove-ipfs-uploader o incluso una subida directa en DTube. Así podremos apoyar tus vídeos y tu trabajo aún más…

      ¿Qué te parece?

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