Introducing OneLoveIPFS referral system

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The highly requested and long-awaited feature of our service is here! From today onwards, OneLoveIPFS subscribers will be able to earn bonus quota allocation (on top of the purchased quota) for referring new users to our IPFS hosting service.

For each referred user, the referrer will earn a bonus allocation of 512MB of quota, up to 5GB referral bonus per referrer (10 referred users). To make your referral count, just make sure that the referred user enters the Steem username of the referrer during checkout, in the text field shown below:


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Eligibility terms:

  1. The referrer and the referred user must be both paying active customers in order to receive the bonus allocation.
  2. There will be a 7-day grace period from the day when the referred user cancels the subscription before the referrer loses the bonus allocation.
  3. When more than 10 users are referred, the bonus allocated will be 5GB. If any of the referred customers cancel the subscription, the referrer will retain the 5GB bonus as long as the remaining referred users count is 10 or above.
  4. If the referrer’s quota usage exceeds 100% after losing the bonus quota allocation, a recomputation of quota usage will be completed. If the usage still exceeds 100% after the recomputation, access to our upload/pinning services may be restricted until the referrer upgrades to a higher tier, gains more referral bonus, or request deletion of files from our servers so that the usage falls below 100%.

You may view your quota allocations, usage, available balance and other details in the account details section of the uploader.


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Other service updates

OneLoveDTube uploader on upload page!



If you haven’t noticed already, an upload endpoint switcher has been added to the upload page to allow the user to select another endpoint to upload their videos. We got our public upload API (with authentication) listed over there, so you may upload to our servers on the same page! Please note that Steem post beneficiary to @dtube will be 10% (instead of 2% on our own upload page here) if the official upload page is used.

More details about the code update may be found here.

Announcing public Avalon API

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We’re pleased to announce that we have opened a public API for the Avalon blockchain, available at To interact with our Avalon API instead of the official one run by DTube team, just change the Avalon API settings as shown above.

50% of the author rewards from this post will be automatically powered up to @techcoderx account, and another 50% to this account.

We would love to hear from you 🥰

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