Have you ever come across a DTube video that took a while or had problems loading? This is a common problem many users on the Steem blockchain face. Witnessing this problem and no proposed solutions forced myself and @techcoderx to come up with our own. So we created a new decentralized backup solution based upon nodejs for those within  @onelovedtube communities. One Love IPFS also provides an uploader service. Check out One Love IPFS over at https://oneloveipfs.com

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Creators really should want to stand up and take responsibility for hosting their own content if they want to achieve longevity and success on the blockchain. Meaning they need to find alternative IPFS hosting solutions to further decentralize their videos.

OneLoveDTube is all about supporting creators with the tools they need to be successful. For this reason, we added support for @dsound and @dtubefile backups.

OneLoveDTube ‘s hosting service is completely decentralized with different providers backing up the same files for redundancy. This can become incredibly expensive to do. So please consider this when using our services (as a viewer or creator).

Ways to support

  1. Donations: You can donate directly to the user account @graylan through Steem or SBD (convert USD to steem)
    $10 US in Steem per month gets you a “Hosting Supporter” role in OneLoveDTube discord.  Also Includes uploader access, and IPFS backups.com
  2. 50 US in Steem per month gets you a “Hosting Hero” role in discord with special perks including HD video hosting. Also includes uploader access.
  3. Join in the conversation over at @OneLoveDtube community.
    OneLoveDTube Discord

How do I use this thing?

Join the or @onelovedtube discord, find the bot spam channel, and type the appropriate command. Demonstrated below.
“>ipfs240 link”
“>ipfs480 link”
“>ipfssound link”
Remove the quotations and replace “link” with your content.



One Love IPFS also provides an uploader located at https://uploader.oneloved.tube.

Warning: Absolutely no pirated or illegal content will be allowed on our servers. If found pinned through your account, your discord account will be banned for 90 days and files will be purged from the server.

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