Onelovedtube Weekly Curation Showcase || Week 1


Welcome Steemians & DTubers to the #OneLoveDTube community Weekly Curation Showcase || Week 1.

Today we are going to publish our first Weekly Curation Showcase, a post of our top 5 from all of DTube aiming to highlight the outstanding creations and need to know information for our beloved platform.

We have moved into a manual curation system through our discord bot, removing auto voting for all users except for those whom support our IPFS node or run a community node themselves. This move is so we can curate more effectively while also empowering those who choose to do the duty and supporting them for pulling up their socks!

“We #OneLoveDTube are a group of content creators aiming to support creativity on DTube and the platform alike by manually curating content while providing IPFS backup solutions that keep videos playable forever!”

This week’s 5 Gems are …

Video Tutorial on How to Get your PALcoin Claimdrop! by @coruscate




If you’ve been on Steem at all the last week – then you’ve probably seen a lot of buzz for PALnet. In case you’ve been just casually observing and wondering what it all means and how you can get in on the claimdrop – then here’s a video walkthrough to explain it!….

This video content created by @coruscate where she discussed about and showed how to claim PALcoin. Please check out this video.

Dtube Music – “Noble Paraiso” Cover harp instrumental – Arpa Instrumenta de la música folclórica de Venezuela por by @rbatan



Hello dtubers friends of the world and the entire Hispanic community of the steemit blockchain, today I want to present to you through this video a cover of the song “Noble Paraiso” by the great Venezuelan composer, poet and musician Reynaldo Armas, here my instrumental version of this great joropo of our folk music…

This Folkloric music content created by @rbatan , amazing music and a very talented musician. Please check out his work..


Music for Dance – [Dtube Series] – Drums & Piano – Contemporary combo by @jaybird




Here’s a cool groove out improve for a contemporary combo moving across the floor.

This amazing music created by @jaybird, creative and talented musician . We hope that this video will make you guys feel better. Please check out his video.

Travel Pro Adventure #43: Lets go Deep Sea Fishing off the Northern Coast of Bali Indonesia with the Lovely Guitta! by @world-travel-pro



This video continues where we left off, that was shortly after Guitta ate some rotten chicken at a local restaurant! After using some Travel Pro Food Sickness Remedies she was feeling better in no time and we continued with our plans to go deep sea fishing off the beaches of Lovina, in Northern Bali Indonesia! Now come along and lets see what we catch!

This travel video content created by @world-travel-pro where he took us to northern Bali and shared his experience. Please check out his post.




Hi family.
I hope you guys are not getting tired of sunrises. I certainly don’t.
I hope you had a wonderful weekend and you enjoy your Sunday.
Thank you very much for watching.

Love from Barcelona

This amazing video content created by @hauptmann, where he showed us beautiful sunrise of Barcelona. Hope you will enjoy this video.


Thanks to our curation team (@freecrypto , @kaerpediem@ashikstd@gaborockstar , @d00k13 and @priyanarc) who work behind the scenes and curate as many posts as possible. Really appreciate your effort.


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We always appreciate all the support we can get in our efforts to support others, Thank You for taking the time to stop in and read our Weekly Curation Showcase!

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