TechCoderX Does So Much For All Of Us On STEEM & DTube – Faces Of OneLoveDTube



Have you seen what this young man does for the STEEM blockchain and the DTube platform? From developing the #OneLoveDTube projects that aim to solve problems to running a Steem Witness and DTube Leader Node and even instructing those whom need help along the way! Steem & DTube could use more guys like @TechcoderX which is why our community implores you to support him with your vote on both Steem as Witness and DTube as Leader!

Vote @TechCoderX

? Supporting Those Who Support The Platform ?
This video is created by @d00k13 with a special shoutout to @Tibfox for permission to include footage from his video response to the @DTube Rewind, your support is appreciated ? you have been set as 10% beneficiary of this post!

We Will Get There Together

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