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Our Starter package includes 8GB of storage hosted on IPFS, and you will get full access to our tools including our IPFS Discord pin bot as well as our own DTube uploader, at https://uploader.oneloved.tube. Just to remind everyone, there are many reasons why you should use our hosting services for your DTube videos:

  1. Videos will be playable indefinitely as long as your video is available anywhere in IPFS network

  2. Videos do circulate around the IPFS network easier as everything uploaded is added to IPFS directly. They get cached in multiple nodes and gateways
  3. Better quality thumbnails as they’re not processed before adding to IPFS
  4. Access to thumbnail swap tool if you accidentally uploaded the wrong thumbnail no matter how the video was uploaded
  5. @dtube beneficiary is 2% instead of 10% (only on uploader.oneloved.tube interface)
  6. Ability to set Steem post beneficiaries
  7. Ability to upload image for Steem article body directly
  8. No encoding queues
  9. Videos will be playable even if DTube’s servers are down as it can be retrieved from any IPFS gateway
  10. Ability to use 4 tags like before (only the first tag will be the curated tag for the Avalon post, the others will only be the tags for the Steem post)

What are you waiting for?

Get it now while it is still on sale at order.oneloveipfs.com!

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