What’s Going On In #OneLoveDTube?

We as a community have been making some big changes, in how we are attempting to function and how we wish to move into the future.

Most Recently

We have moved into a manual curation system through our discord bot, removing auto voting for all users except for those whom support our IPFS node or run a community node themselves. This move is so we can curate more effectively while also empowering those who choose to do the duty and supporting them for pulling up their socks! After a single post asking for people that consume @DTube content to step forward as curators we have successfully started this move. We now have a good start to a strong curation team with having 4 active individuals step up to the plate. Our curators have the choice to be behind closed doors or they may work on helping to raise awareness for our community and their efforts via curation posts, be on the lookout for those being resteemed by our community account. If you happen to be mentioned please show these passionate individuals some love, they are doing curation out of the kindness of their hearts.

Here Is An Example:

Supporting Contests

#OneLoveDTube is proud to announce our collaboration with others in supporting their contests, nothing better to generate a little interest in whats going then a collaborative effort right? We currently have 2 running which we are supporting with a 3rd soon to be announced.

#FreeRead Collaboration With @FreeWriteHouse


Author Reading – FreeRead Contest 3
An awesome initiative brought forward by @mariannewest helping to encourage the #FreeWriter’s to try out @DTube by doing an author reading. We have 10 @SteemBasicIncome Shares up for grabs for anyone who participates and continuously looking forward for further sponsorship. Best of all this is geared towards the authors future with plans of gathering readings and helping participants build towards creating e-books! So much more going on within the @FreeWriteHouse Community, if you enjoy writing it is a definite must stop!

Partiko Lottery Hosted By @Moncia90


PARTIKO LOTTERY – EP.4 (10 Steem prizes)
A great writing contest hosted by @Moncia90 and sponsored by @Partiko run transparently through lottery tickets and a drawing to determine the winner, with 10 Steem up for grabs and the contest based on participation and chance this is a great way for anyone to pick up some extra Steem! This week’s topic is Food, anyone can write about food so don’t miss your chance while also showing @Moncia90 some love for putting this whole contest together!

Contest By @JeronimoRubio

Details soon to be announced, 60 Steem up for grabs and you will be required to record a vlog answering a few questions. Keep Your Eyes Peeled!

#OneLoveDTube Free Use #Press-Kit

  • https://steemit.com/onelovedtube/@onelovedtube/onelovedtube-press-kit-for-all-to-use
    Need some graphics to spice up your creation check this out!! Better yet do you have something to share with our community? Drop it in a comment on that post for easy referral!

#OneLoveDTube Video Hosting Services

The IPFS Node Hosting Services and the IPFS Node Uploader are just two of the projects we have on the go to help support our DTube creators while also supporting DTube’s video file hosting network known as IPFS. With these two services you can upload despite what happens to the main nodes and your videos remain playable forever. Another benefit is quicker load times with multiple sources, IPFS works like torrents more nodes quicker streaming capabilities. If your interested please stop into our discord and speak with either @Techcoderx or @Graylan they are in charge of this project.

  • Watch The Video Here: https://d.tube/#!/v/d00k13/2bp4ha5c

We have a web page started which is also the #OneLoveDTube uploader!

  • Main Page https://oneloved.tube/
  • Uploader https://uploader.oneloved.tube/

Do you like what #OneLoveDTube is trying to do? Have you received support from us? There are 2 simple ways you can help contribute and both will also give back to the entire community and our creators!
1) Join our curation trail, allow us to use your voting power to support creators while also earning curation rewards!
2) Delegation, if you have some SP kicking around we are in search of contributions which are used to help support our creators while also supporting our community projects via self voting the community posts. All liquid rewards are used for funding our projects and SP will never be powered down.

Join us on #OneLoveDtube Discord Server

  • https://discord.gg/CsqcfSx

Join The #OneLoveDTube Curation Trail, Earn Rewards!

  • https://steemauto.com/dash.php?trail=onelovedtube&i=1
  • If you wish to support us further please add @graylan and @onelovedtube to your Steemauto fanbase.

We Will Get There Together!!!

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